JSON Schemas

JSON Schemas make it much easier to work with JSON files when creating custom cards, blueprints, or packs. They provide powerful context-aware autocompletion for Underscore Properties. Schemas of the latest vanilla game version are included in the mod template.


Schemas are an optional feature to help with developing custom cards, they are not a requirement in any way, and they are not used for validation purposes.

Generating Schemas

To generate the JSON Schemas, press F6 in-game to open the Schema Generator menu. Provide a path to the folder where you want the schemas to be generated. This is recommended to be somewhere in your source folder.


Using Schemas

To use a schema in your JSON file, add a $schema property, with the key being a path to the schema file. If the path is correct, you should start seeing suggestions for the properties.


After specifying a "script", suggestions will also be offered for Underscore Properties

../_images/schema_3.png ../_images/schema_4.png


Schemas also support your custom classes, but you will need to regenerate the schemas while your mod is loaded!

Customizing Schemas

Schema generation is done by the SchemaGenerator class. If you’re interested in customizing certain aspects of it, take a look at the following fields and methods in the class: PropBlacklist, PropOverride, TypeLookup, FieldToJson.